Feburary 2018 SaaS Release Notes


KTS-393 Theme Adds the ability to set a defined height for individual HTML blocks.
KTS-395 Theme Adds a theme option which allows the main site administrator to quickly alter the maximum page width.
KTS-399 Theme Adds a Java Script region to dashboards to provide a new responsive region to dashboards for an isotope block. It also gives additional flexibility within dashboard appearance.
KTS-406 Admin Function Enlarges the height of the boxes used to type answers when creating quiz questions.
KTS-410 Block Function Adds an a new option to the ‘record of learning’ block. When enabled this links the user, via the button in the block, to all courses as opposed to just due courses.
KTS-414 Isotope Function Adds an ‘ALL’ filter to the radial progress indicators in the ‘record of learning’ isotope block.
KTS-414 Isotope Function Enables an option for images to be added to the tiles in the ‘record of learning’ isotope, this will allow a visually more enhanced dashboard.
KTS-420 Additional Reporting Feature New embedded report added to the site to display a program progress with individual course status columns.

Bug Fixes

KTS-394 Theme Ensures the question type selector pop out text is responsive to its background, ensuring no colour conflicts.
KTS-396 Theme Fixes a restriction to allow the isotope to be designed with the course or program name text set to a colour unique to the isotope block, rather than using one of the pre-defined block text colours.
KTS-398 Access Removes visibility of the ‘theme design’ button for all users except the main site admin (Kineo’s account).
KTS-398 Theme Fixes a bug in multiple choice questions, where a question drops below a check box if the question is over a certain length.
KTS-400 Theme Fixes a theme bug to ensure the record of learning isotope block is vertically aligned with other blocks on the same page.
KTS-404 Admin Function Fixes a selection issue in the theme configuration tool.
KTS-413 Theme Fixes an issue where a ‘visited link’ colour was overriding the calendar event text colour.
KTS-416 Theme Removes a stray hyphen from the CSS of a button within the seminar signup area.
KTS-417 Theme Adds a border where there is one previously missing in the seminar sign up area.
KTS-418 Theme Fixes a bug which is causing some ‘mandatory option’ icons to appear the same colour as all normal icons.
KTS-419 Theme Ensures the ‘Team’ table columns remain static when opened.
KTS-421 Theme Fix to horizontally align the title of a block in the side block region of a course with the course heading.


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