May 2019 SaaS Upgrade Release Notes

Impacted Area Notes
Version Upgrade The Totara version has been upgraded to 12.5
Theme A new theme framework allows for greater theme flexibility
Course Catalogue A new tile based course catalogue is now available. Read More…
 Progress bar calculation improvement  The calculation of a user’s progress towards completion of a program or certification has been improved to take progress of all involved courses into consideration.
Featured Link block updates Now dynamically pulls in course images. Gallery view enables easy setup carousels.
Redesign of top navigation The top navigation area (previously the Main Menu) has been redesigned to improve the user journey and look and feel of Totara Learn. The new top navigation changes include:

The ability to add third-level navigation
Site logo now sits within the navigation bar
Messages and alerts have been moved to navigation bar
Language selector located within navigation bar
User menu sits within navigation bar

New ‘add block’ workflow New blocks can be added to page by selecting an Add icon within any available block area/region.  Users can use the dynamic search to find the required block or scroll down through the available options.
New block appearance options Blocks can now set to display without a header and/or a border. Text, background, opacity and border colours can all be defined in the block settings.
Admin menu improvements The Administration block on the left has been replaces by the new admin menu, which can be accessed from the top menu bar. This improved navigation will allow administrators to customise the menu with those areas they regularly access, in language they understand.

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