October 2019 SaaS Upgrade Release Notes

Functional Additions

Leader board Functionality Following client feedback and input into the product roadmap we are launching our Leaderboards functionality which allows you to allocate points to events within the platform, and introduce an element of gamification to the learner experience. This plugin also includes

  • New block displaying a personalized score
  • New Report source for calculating the leaderboards
  • This will continue to be expanded upon in future releases.
SAML Totara as an IDP plugin Allows Totara to be used as an IDP to allow single sign on into compatible 3rd parties from Totara

Version Upgrade

Upgrade from Totara version 12.5 to 12.10 Minor improvements and security patches


New Theme Options

None of these options will be automatically added to our site, but can be added on request

Block Box Shadow Ability to add site wide box shadow to all block which display a border
New Table Styling Options Fine grained ability to set table text, background and hover colours throughout the site.
Header Box Shadow Ability to set box shadow under the site header
Sticky Header Ability to pin the header to the top of the screen
Isotope Tile Box Shadow Ability to add site wide box shadow to all block which display a border
Radial Progress Indicator Shadow Adds a shadow to the radial progress indicators
Radial progress indicator enhanced styling Sets a gradient colour for completion progress
Course Icon Size Ability to increase course icon size
Login Page Styling Several options added in to change colours on the login page
Login Page Background Image Ability to set a background image specifically to be applied to the login page
Learning Navigation Block This can now be turned off
Profile Panel Background Colour The profile panel background colour can now be changed
Course Styling Improvements Adds styling to the multiple pages topic course format
Logo Improvements Adds options to increase the logo size


Additional Bug Fixes

Theme designer: error when changing the name of a theme
Fixes a bug where the record of learning block table overlaps outside the block.
Headings in admin menu are now hard coded white
Fixes and error when deleting the theme
A Totara bug has been fixed which was impacting manager approval for seminars